Reoco and Coronavirus: opportunities after the pandemic


Published on 21/04/2020 on The coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown occurred when the Reoco/SVA instrument was consolidating in the sector’s operations. Except for some (slight) interpretative doubts on the application of the rule, the operating scenario had entered … Continue reading

Coronavirus and NPL: 3 certainties to start from


We are experiencing a completely new historical moment. Any comparison on other experiences of the past does not fit: it is not a war, otherwise we would not be at home in the heat with all the comforts it is … Continue reading

What is “Value”?


Our company has a strong real estate soul, and like all operators in this market, our division has approached the proptech world with curiosity (acronym for Property Technology, i.e. the application of information technology to the real estate world). The … Continue reading

Conference and Growth Law Decree: 3 concrete cues


Last week’s conference on the Reoco and on recent regulatory updates was an opportunity for an open discussion on the subject between market players. The speakers provided a complete description of the current situation, starting from a market overview up … Continue reading

How not to use a Reoco


Every operator operating in the field of mortgage loan management knows what a Reoco is and what its main use is.The NPL market is now mature and, over the years, the specialization and competence of the actors are increasingly growing. … Continue reading

Reoco: instructions for use


The Growth Decree dated 30/04/2019, recently converted into Law, will improve the real estate activity relating to the world of NPLs. A simplified description of the major changes submitted by the legislator is provided below: possibility of establishing a special … Continue reading

NPL – Art. 560 c.p.c.: another change for everyone – useful for no one


The recent modification of Art. 560 C.P.C. marks another stage in the confusing journey of the legislator in the Non-Performing Loan world – debt collection. In the last 3 years there have been a series of interventions regarding executive and … Continue reading

4 Things that impressed us from the NPL meeting


The Banca Ifis meeting held in September was a good opportunity to discuss with the operators and outline the future trends of the NPLs. During these meetings, the debates revolved around topics already examined by the main newspapers or keynote … Continue reading

Guide to the Italian NPL market for foreign investors


Those who attend meetings on NPLs surely know that one of the most common topics is the foreign investors’ opinion on the Italian NPL market. In line with the stereotypes involving our Country, a special emphasis is given to the … Continue reading

The management of NPLs as a Reoco


We have welcomed the provisions issued by the Bank of Italy on 16 March. When we started our activity 10 years ago, we suggested a business model which was unusual then, since it included a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for … Continue reading