NPL – Art. 560 c.p.c.: another change for everyone – useful for no one


The recent modification of Art. 560 C.P.C. marks another stage in the confusing journey of the legislator in the Non-Performing Loan world – debt collection. In the last 3 years there have been a series of interventions regarding executive and … Continue reading

4 Things that impressed us from the NPL meeting


The Banca Ifis meeting held in September was a good opportunity to discuss with the operators and outline the future trends of the NPLs. During these meetings, the debates revolved around topics already examined by the main newspapers or keynote … Continue reading

Guide to the Italian NPL market for foreign investors


Those who attend meetings on NPLs surely know that one of the most common topics is the foreign investors’ opinion on the Italian NPL market. In line with the stereotypes involving our Country, a special emphasis is given to the … Continue reading

The management of NPLs as a Reoco


We have welcomed the provisions issued by the Bank of Italy on 16 March. When we started our activity 10 years ago, we suggested a business model which was unusual then, since it included a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for … Continue reading

NPLs in Milan


When it comes to non-performing mortgage loans, we tend to mix the good with the bad, with reference not only to the different types of mortgaged assets (see also “Very special servicing”, this issue will be deepened detail in the … Continue reading

The mortgage credit markets


Generally speaking, the Italian mortgage market is finding it difficult to get moving again. In fact, a mismatch between supply and demand has been observed for various reasons (see also the “Non-performing loans: the opinion of the subjects directly involved/1”.article.) … Continue reading

The (odd) run to real estate auctions: 3 reasons to doubt.

Indeed, the insiders will have noticed an increase of the participation to real estate auctions in the last 12 months. Probably, the vision of the most farsighted experts of the field is taking place. For some years now, they have … Continue reading

NPL best practice/the 3 credit assessment traps

There is a substantial difference between credits and mortgage credits, which goes well beyond guarantees. Mortgage credits refer to credits to which an executive or insolvency privilege is granted at a certain degree. However, everyone (including some insiders) should know … Continue reading

Do not put the blame on the NPLs. At least for these 3 reasons

The macro scenario of our market is finding a new balance thanks to the improving (or at least in view of it) of the two major pending operations. Brussels has approved the restructuring plan of MPS, which includes the sale … Continue reading

NPLs: a lemon market?

The title of the article recalls and refers to an intervention made during the recent NPL Meeting held in Venice, which compared the NPL market with the economic theory of the lemon market. This reference will be familiar to those … Continue reading