The role of the servicer and the new rule of the debt collection


For several weeks, the fear of a legislative decree aimed at helping families and business in difficulties, has been on the table among professionals in the NPE world. Many colleagues and main player/institution have already expressed their thoughts, with which … Continue reading

Real Estate Securitization – Spotorno


The idea of carrying out a real estate securitization operation was born in the middle of the lockdown from a series of concomitant factors, first and foremost of course the extra time that could be dedicated to innovation. Regarding the … Continue reading

Real estate securitization: here to stay


After a slight initial mistrust and an incubation period, we can say that real estate securitization is gaining momentum in Italy. Until a few months ago, in sector conferences the completed issues were accounted for, now no more and this … Continue reading

Joint Ventures, why not?


Published on 02/02/2022 on At the end of November, I had the opportunity to participate in a conference organized by Zenith Service on real estate securitization. We brought to the conference our testimony as a first mover in this … Continue reading

R as Resolute


Published on 08/10/2021 on Before delivering this editorial to the Credit Village editorial staff, I asked to be able to participate and attend the “A tutta R” event on July 15th focused on Real Estate; I thought that, after … Continue reading

Coronavirus, a year later: 3 things we didn’t expect


Published on 17/05/2021 on Coming back with memories a year ago, I often think that we have entered this new condition absolutely unprepared. In all respects. We used to say to each other all the time “who would have … Continue reading

Real estate and debt collection: two different worlds, a possible partnership


Published on 11/12/2020 on The world of debt collection and the world of real estate have always been very connected to each other, in Italy in particular. In our banking history, the real estate guarantee is considered the most … Continue reading

Earthquake – Eco – Super Bonus: a new opportunity for the NPL world


Here, I think it is superfluous to an introductory talk about the restructuring bonuses also because in this particular historical period it is probably the most talked-ever issue among insiders and outsiders. The restructuring bonus in its earthquake / eco … Continue reading

Real estate and mortgage credit: a new, rather agile market


Published on 12/10/2020 on Since the beginning of the pandemic, all of us operators in the sector have been asked the same question from various sides and in different contexts: how will the real estate market change? And what … Continue reading

New tools available: 130 SPV Real Estate


The changes introduced by Italian Law Decree 34/2019, subsequently converted into Italian Law No. 58/2019, have introduced and institutionalized two new methods of approach to property management, understood as property management and as the requalification of assets used to guarantee … Continue reading