Job opportunities

We are looking for a human resource who will have to deal with the management of real estate practices from a technical and contractual point of view, able to acquire a high degree of competence and autonomy. We offer an apprenticeship contract aimed at a possible inclusion in the required job role.

The ideal candidate must have the appropriate basic skills, experience, even short, in the context of the role in question and familiarity with contracts, real estate documents, notarial practices, and must also demonstrate a keen interest in growing in this work environment.


  • In carrying out the requested activity, the candidate will have to interface with external professional firms, such as notary offices, design studios and Public Administration and will have to manage contractual practices and obligations functional to the company’s core business, such as:
    • proposals, preliminaries and notarial deeds
    • building practices
    • business plan and control documents
  • The candidate will have to monitor the progress of the various construction sites, check the progress of the various steps making sure that all internal and external steps are respected and that the deadlines established and shared within the team in which he will operate are respected;
  • On some occasions the candidate will have to act directly in the first person, on other occasions he will have to make sure that his partners and / or professionals manage the part of their competence in the best possible way, up to the completion of the practice;
  • The activity to be carried out will be subject to countless procedures, therefore, the candidate must be able to communicate and share every aspect of the task to be completed with the reference team;


  • Training appropriate to the job position required;
  • Any previous experience in a technical or notary office, concerning the management of building practices, real estate or similar activities;
  • Strong propensity to learn operational processes and to replicate them;
  • Excellent communication skills and information sharing;
  • Strong relationship skills with various types of professionals;
  • Willingness to fill the required role in a short time;
  • Domicile in Milan or in an area well connected to Milan Central Station.


  • Apprenticeship contract (initially 6th level of the CCNL of Commerce);
  • A path of adequate professional growth that initially provides for a period of adequate professional coaching.

We are looking for a resource with academic formation in the legal field, with some work experience (even short) and an interest in growing in the NPL credit sector, to be included and give the possibility to grow in the position of Junior Loan Manager.
The offer includes a period of training and support through an internship with the aim of stable inclusion within the company team.
Besides the technical skills, we would like to hire a good, educated, polite and respectful candidate with a good attitude at work. We do believe that with this foundation, no professional notion will be too difficult to learn.


The candidate will report directly with the CEO and the Legal Head for:

  • Practical analysis for the acquisition of NPL Credit (Due Diligence, legal examination of the documentation);
  • Activity of compliance: drafting corporate contracts, transfer contracts and management of corporate documents;
  • proposal and planning of the out-of-court and judicial recovery strategy;
  • Reporting activities to the Master Servicer for policy, GDPR and anti-money laundering legislation;
  • Internal legal consultancy management;


  • Master’s degree in law;
  • Very appreciated practical experience in the field of real estate enforcement and insolvency procedures;
  • Excellent PC user, knowledge and use of Office, Power Point, internet;
  • Good knowledge of the English language (for work purposes);
  • Resident in Milan and/or surroundings, an area from which the city center can be easily reached;
  • Immediate availability or as soon as possible.


  • Seriousness, determination, reliability, and desire to grow.
  • Good organizational skills;
  • Good stress management;
  • Good at problem solving;


  • A professional growth path with an initial work support and training period;
  • A 6-month internship for placement with Apprenticeship with a monthly expense reimbursement of € 500,00;
  • Flexibility: We work remotely 50% of the time and we are generally flexible towards all the decisions that don’t have a direct impact on the results;
  • Trust and Responsibility: each one connected to the other and in a two-to-one sense, these are the keys for a good growth of a professional relationship. We would like to give full trust and we ask a high level of responsibility towards colleagues and towards the company in every daily actions.

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