Core business: Credit&Reoco Management

GMA deals with Credit Management, enhancing the assets that guarantee non-performing loans (NPL).

The structure is able to manage even the most complex situations with reference to real estate valuation: conversions, projects and development plans, renovations. Specialized in mortgage credit, it can count on an internal structure at the forefront of property management and the enhancement of properties.

GMA internally administers numerous Re.O.Co. (Real Estate Owned Company), an innovative and essential tool for generating profit from a mortgage loan. Le Re.O.Co. they are administered and activated as real estate companies.



The recovery of a mortgage loan is mainly the enhancement of its guarantee, the property. GMA makes this assumption its own operating principle.

For this reason, in parallel with the work done by the lawyers, the company is engaged in an activity that in all respects can be defined as real estate.

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Credit securitization

Securitization is the answer of our times to an ancient need:
monetizing credits and assets.

Through our structure and our securitization company we respond to an old requirement of at least 600 years with the original assumptions:

– correct price and paid immediately to the original creditor
– enhancement of real estate assets and securities to guarantee credit
– creation of added value in the medium term for those financing the operation

Our structure is able to create new credits and ABS issue transactions from scratch. The best professionals of this market collaborate with us for the structuring of tailor-made operations with respect to the types of credits and the requests of the Customer.

The perfect strategy for every situation.


High quality assessments and appraisals

We were born in 2008 as professionals in real estate, and we have brought this wealth of knowledge in the valuation of mortgage credit.

Our due diligence complies with the highest standards of competence and risk management; the real estate valuations produced by our professionals combine technical know-how with a high level of direct commercial experience in the sector.

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