Very special servicing

Very special servicing 1

Unauthorized personnel n talk about NPL meaning a melting pot of different situations, all united by the fact that someone is not paying someone else for a long time.

Authorized personnel divided roughly these loans between “mortgage” and “unsecured”, meaning the first loans secured by a property or land.

We call ourselves servicer mortgages, without further specification. Probably wrong.

NPL world needs urgently a specialization. Not so long ago to make this work was enough a bit of law; today the market has exploded and there cannot be a generalist approach, given the urgency of the times and the need to bridge the gap between the demand for sellers and the market price.

Therefore it becomes clear that we can no longer talk about mortgage and unsecured, the market has reached such a level to require something more. We can no longer describe the restaurants distinguished them between “with pizza” and “without pizza pizza”, time is ready for a more convincing description.

The value of a property is directly proportional to its use and its uniqueness. We have always agreed on the second, on the first never. Just take 5 property valuations to sample, depending on who the signature is, there will be completely different valuation methods.

GMA is a mortgage servicer which for some year now has understood that every mortgage credit cannot be approached in the same way, therefore we created 5 different modus operandi. Within each of these there are different evaluations, different BP, different actions. We do involve different professionals. Between them, we obviously have our own speciality.

We will share them individually on the next few posts. With this introductory post we want to focus on the topic and give a cue to insiders on the approach, which can be applied mutatis mutandis to unsecured loans too. Among the many benefits, including that of being able to offer more sums and define more acquisitions with equal likelihood.

Emanuele Grassi



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