Do not put the blame on the NPLs. At least for these 3 reasons


The macro scenario of our market is finding a new balance thanks to the improving (or at least in view of it) of the two major pending operations. Brussels has approved the restructuring plan of MPS, which includes the sale … Continua

NPL best practice/the 3 credit assessment traps


There is a substantial difference between credits and mortgage credits, which goes well beyond guarantees. Mortgage credits refer to credits to which an executive or insolvency privilege is granted at a certain degree. However, everyone (including some insiders) should know … Continua

The (odd) run to real estate auctions: 3 reasons to doubt.


Indeed, the insiders will have noticed an increase of the participation to real estate auctions in the last 12 months. Probably, the vision of the most farsighted experts of the field is taking place. For some years now, they have … Continua

The mortgage credit markets


Generally speaking, the Italian mortgage market is finding it difficult to get moving again. In fact, a mismatch between supply and demand has been observed for various reasons (see also the “Non-performing loans: the opinion of the subjects directly involved/1”.article.) This may be due … Continua

NPL Best Practice: The assessment


How are pledged real estate properties and mortgage credits assessed? It is quite complex, since in our Country it is difficult to price a real estate on a free market , and this controversial issue is often debated by accountants, … Continua

NPL: the root causes


Any debate on Italy and its comparison with the other Countries worldwide inevitably highlight the unsuitableness of our Country from an economic, policy and legal point of view. We all have certainly compared the events occurred in Italian with those … Continua

NPL: speeding up or normalising the recovery procedures. What is the best solution?


When it comes to non-performing loans, the media and leading operators in this sector all agree upon the necessity tospeed up the recovery procedures. Last week,during the Monza conference,most of the lectures – and even the coffee breaks – highlighted … Continua

NPL: the banking system is ill


Nowadays, wellbeing is assessed based on the consumption rate, however we should rather focus on the generation of income and added value. In the past, these two aspects used to go hand in hand, while today things have changed, mainly … Continua

NPLs: the bubble risk in times of crises


If you tell your friends that today the actual problem is how to invest money with the purpose of increasing the revenues, they will make a fool of you. “Well, really? Low wages, a growing unemployment rate, de-stagflation! And you … Continua

RExit – American-style properties 2


Interestingly, the exit of Great Britain from the EU perfectly coincided with the second part of our post. While we were talking about theability of the Anglo-Saxon culture to prevail over the Latin one from an economic/financial point of view … Continua