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The core business: Credit Management

GMA attends to credit management. we appraise assets which guarantee non-performing loans with a strong propensity to extrajudicial and judicial activities, strongly goal oriented. We have refined the basic mechanism of the managing process, exploiting our own credits.

We specialize in mortgage credits management, and we can count on a very up to date and vanguard structure in property management and real estate development.

Our trained entrepreneurial experience is now available to the reference market.




Securitisation is the modern answer to an ancient need:
monetize debt and patrimonial assets.

Our securitization system and society answers to an almost 600 years old want, with its original conditions:

– proper price and immediate paymet to the original creditor
– creation of value added in the medium term for those who finance the transaction.

The best professionals of this market work with us to organize tailor made solutions, according to credit types and Customers’ requirements.

The winning strategy depending on the particular situation.



Our mission: to appraise assets and NPLs

GMA appraises:
– assets guaranteeing non-performing loans
– our management system aims at maximising credit recovery and profitability

our philosophy is to create value, even where return perspectives seem moderate; just like the japanese art of kintsugi, who makes precious works of art from broken ceramic, giving new life to something that seemed lost before.

In the same way GMA deals with NPLs and assets which guarantee them.